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BIMobject Cloud Search Features

September 19, 2019 • 1 min reading

In order for you to offer the user the shortest way possible from their need to your product, it's a good idea to get familiar with the search features available on the platform. The BIMobject Cloud search features use an algorithm that lets the user decide if they want to search within a specific BIMobject Category, search by brands, or do a free text search.

By BIMobject Category

A user can search by our BIMobject categories using the filters in the sidebar of or selecting one of the suggested categories that matches the keyword entered in the seach box (as pictured below). 

When the user selects a category, they will be presented with a list of all the products belonging to that category, ordered by publish date (latest first). On the left-hand side, the user can then choose filters to apply to the initial search results in order to narrow them down. This makes getting to the most relevant objects easier and quicker.

This is why it's important to add the extra product information to the BIMobject Property set called Seek Properties in the product administration. Otherwise, users may struggle to find your products, because their refined search is specific, but your product information is comparatively generic.

BIMobject Category
Suggested BIMobject Categories from the search box

By brand

There are several ways a user can search by manufacturer brand name. The easiest is to choose on of the brands suggested in the search box that matches your keyword, these suggestions are ordered by relevancy and then alphabet. The alternative method for searching by manufacturer brand is to use the sidebar filters on to view all brands available. The result of a brand filter is to see all the products from that brand ordered by alphabet.

BIMobject Brand Suggestions
Suggested manufacturer brands from the search box

By Free text search

A free text search, (where the user types in a keyword and does not choose a suggested brand or category), is a little more complex. If they have searched for the word "chair", for example, an algorithm will first search through:

  • Product name
  • Unique reference/permalink
  • Product description
  • Specification text
  • Product family
  • Product group

Once that part of the search has been completed, another algorithm will give the product more importance (i.e. interpret it as more relevant and display it higher among the results] if the word "chair" was found in all 6 of these fields. 

Free text search on BIMobject
User searches for the keyword 'chair'

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