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Brand Information Settings

January 15, 2020 • 1 min reading

The basic control of your brand in the BIMobject Cloud happens in the brand settings.

Log in to BIMobject and select “Company Administration” in your profile menu. In the navigation menu on the left hand side select the “Families” button

Brands Tab

Under the "Brands" tab, you'll find an overview of the brand that you are logged into.  If the brand that you're viewing is a Parent brand than you'll see a box saying "Published" and "Hidden".  These indicate the number of sub-brands (subsidiaries) that are published on BIMobject and the number of sub-brands that are hidden from the end user.  You will also see a hierarchy list showing the main brand and all associated sub-brands. The overview will also show you the number of products, users and product sites for each brand.

If you log into a brand and only see the information for 1 brand, it either means that there are no sub-brands associated with the one you're viewing or that it itself is a sub-brand of a parent brand.

Settings Tab

Under the "Settings" tab, you can view the name of the brand which will be visible in the BIMobject Cloud.

You'll also see the permalink/URL that will appear in the URL of your brand page and product pages. Once the permalink has been defined and your product pages are published, changing the permalink should be avoided.

We'd like to stress the importance of avoiding any such changes to the permalink after publishing because they will break the links that enable for your objects to be updated automatically for the user as well as alter any analytics data for your brand.

This is also where you see if the brand is connected to a parent brand, its visibility settings and your logo.  Please contact your BIMobject project manager if any of this information needs to change.

Info Tab

Under the "Info" tab, you enter the address, contact information, and corporate webpage URL. This tab is also the place for a short company description that will be visible on your brand page on the platform. Upload your logo here, too! Choose a PNG file that is 35 pixels high, and note that rectangular logos display best.

You can add different versions of your information for the various languages the user can select on the platform, and we recommend doing so to improve their experience of using the BIMobject Cloud – and yours! English is the default language and is therefore required.

Contacts Tab

Sometimes an end user will have questions about your product or can't find a file type that they need and will need to reach out to someone to assist them, especially if an appropriate business matching user cannot be found.   Under the "Contacts" tab, you can enter an email addresses as a general contact or one that handles file requests from an end user (or the same email for both).  Be sure that the email address that you intend to use is also registered on the BIMobject site.

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