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Bulk Editing - Adding 1 File to Multiple Product pages

January 23, 2020 • 1 min reading

At times you may find yourself needing to add 1 file to several product pages (sort of the opposite of adding multiple file to 1 product page).  Sure, you could do this using the same method as bulk uploading files but it would be a lot of work to create all the folder structures for all those product pages.

So rather than using the bulk file upload process discussed here, there is a feature within the product page administration area that will allow you to add a single file to as many product pages as you want.

Start by logging into your account and then navigating to the "Company Administration" area.

Next, select "Products" from the navigation menu on the left

You’ll see this screen

  1. Upload File to Selected Products

You’ll notice that this button cannot be selected at the moment.  

Start by selecting all the product pages you want to add your file to.  Once you do this you’ll see that the button becomes active.

Select the “Upload File to Selected Products” button

You will see the following pop up window

Drag and drop your file into the window

Select a file type

Add a file description (optional) - this description will be the same for all the product pages that you have selected.

Then select upload

The file will be added to all the products that you had previously selected.  These files will be in an unpublished state, please notify your BIMobject project manager of the file addition so they can help publish them.

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