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Bulk Editing - Group Edit Product Pages Using the "Edit Products" Feature

January 21, 2020 • 1 min reading

This article will cover how to use the "Edit Products" feature found on the product page administration page.  This feature allows you to select multiple product pages at once and edit all the available common fields at once.  For example, if your products all share the same region set rather than filling in the field one at a time, you can select all the common products and change them all to the same region set at once.  

Many of the fields found in the "Edit Products" feature are not part of the spreadsheet for bulk product page creation.  It's good to use both processes to get as much of the work done in bulk as possible before editing individual fields one by one on each page.

Start by selecting all the pages that you just created by checking off the box on the left hand side.

Then select the “Edit Products” button.  

This will bring you to a scaled down section of the product page edit area.  Here all the edits that you make will be applied to all the product pages that you had previously selected.  Only the fields with the green status will be applied once you select “Save”.  You can also edit their classifications, filters and set their edition number by going through the other tabs shown below.

While you’re in this space it would wise to fill in as many of the other fields as possible.

TIP: Since group editing applies the same edits to all the selected product pages, try to group your product page selection to the same type of products that have common fields for editing.  Example: if all the selected product pages share the same region set or BIMobject Category.

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