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Bulk Editing - Uploading Files to Product Pages in Bulk

January 21, 2020 • 2 min reading

There will be times when you need to add multiple files to 1 or even a group of product pages.  This article will show you how to bulk upload files to multiple product pages.

In order to upload files to product pages in bulk you’ll need to have your files located in a specific file folder structure and then compress them into a zip file before uploading.  The reason is that the system needs to know which product page the files go to and without a folder structure to guide the system, the files will not get located properly.  Below is an example of how the folder structure should look.

  1. Parent folder - labeled with the unique ref of the product page that you want the files to go to.  Refer to the unique ref column of the product page administration area if unsure.
  2. Sub folders - create a sub folder for the files that you want to upload.  A list of all supported file types and the name of the sub folder can be found at the end of this document.

Note: Each product page that you plan to bulk upload files to will need its own set of parent and sub folders.

To upload product page images, simply create a sub folder called “Gallery” and add the images in there.

Once all the folders have been created and the files moved into their appropriate folders you zip each of the parent folders.  

--- You should have the same number of zip files as parent folders ---

  1. 2 Parent folders with sub folders and files within
  2. 2 zip files of the parent folder

Once the zip files has been created go back to the product page dashboard and press the “Upload Files (ZIP)” button and drag and drop all your zip files into the window.  

If the zip file name does not match a product pages unique ref it will produce an error like this

You should see something similar to this if the file names for the zips are correct

Select the upload button to start the upload process.

When the files have been uploaded you will be presented with a status window.  In this window you can see the status of each uploaded zip file and whether or not the files were successfully uploaded. 

In this example one zip file uploaded without errors but the second has a warning.  Once we expand the problematic zip to expose the files we can see that one of the files didn’t get processed correctly.  By hovering over the warning sign we see that the file extension of the file doesn’t match the sub folder that we placed the file in. 

To fix this, simply rename that sub folder to the correct one, re-zip the file and upload again.

All uploaded files will be in the “off” or unpublished status.  To turn on the files contact your BIMobject project manager, if you are unsure who that is please contact us at


3ds3ds, max, dxf, fbx, mb, zip
ACCA Edificiusbol
ActiveX Controlocx
Allplannagd, nas, smt, ndw, npl, nmk, zip
ARC Plusddd, iii, adb, icn
ArchiCADexe, dmg, aat, tpl, xml, gdl, lcf, pla, pln, gsm, mod
Artlantisaol, art, aof, atlo, jpg
Asta PowerProjectpp
Audiomp3, wav
AutoCADatc, stb, ctb, zip, dwf, dwg
AutoDesk Inventor Assemblyidw, ipn, dwg, iam
AutoDesk Inventor Partipt
Aveva PDMSpdms
Bentley MicroStationdgn
BIMscript Assembly Macrobam
Cinema 4Dc4d
COBie Product Data Sheetxls, xlsx, zip
COBie Product Data Templatexls, xlsx
DWFzip, dwf, dwfx
DXFdxf, zip
Excelxls, csv, xlsx
Filmbox 3D Asset Exchange (FBX)fbx
FormItaxm, rfa, axmf
Fusion 360f3d
Hatch Patternspat
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Illustratoreps, ai, ait
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Java Server Pagejsp
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Materials & Texturesexe, jpg, jpeg, tiff, png, gif, adsklib, zip, rar, matl, tif
Mircosoft ASPashx, aspx, asp
Microsoft Visiovss
Mod (ArchiCad Module)mod
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PDFpdf, zip
PLA (ArchiCAD Model)pla
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Powerpointpptx, pps, ppsx, ppt
Revitadsklib, rte, rfa, rvt
Revit Family Type Catalogtxt, csv
Revit Installerzip, exe, msi
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