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Changing Your Permalink: The Side Effects

January 2, 2020 • 1 min reading

A simple change in your information can cause problems for important features. Let's take a closer look at what changing your permalink entails, so that you'll know exactly what to avoid.

Should you, for whatever reason, decide to rename your permalink on a product page (, it is important to remember that you are actually changing the address of your product. This change is immediate and cannot be reversed. Your product page will no longer be at your old URL, meaning that any connections to it will be rendered obsolete (this includes connections between your BIM models and the product page). Unfortunately, BIMobject cannot set up a re-direct on your behalf.

If you choose to do change your permalink in spite of these consequences, we strongly recommend that you create a new product page with the correct permalink. You should also archive the original product and add directions to the new URL in its description and links section. This will allow users looking for that information to find their way.

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