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January 2, 2020 • 1 min reading

Filters are an important part of the search functionality on the platform. While they are easy for you to define for your product page, they are part of an intricate system that helps deliver your products to the users who are looking for them. Ensuring that your objects are easy to find is key to making the best possible use of the BIMobject Cloud for you. It is also fundamental to the user experience of the platform.

Therefore, it's worth taking extra care to make sure that you have applied filters adequately and correctly. If the user's searches turn up no more, and no less, than the desired results, not only the user and the BIMobject Cloud, but also your brand and business stand to benefit.

Use filters responsibly and in the correct context. If a user is searching for products that are to be used in a specific building type, the filters must be set accordingly.

You can add filters to your products easily by editing the product page, follow the filters tab at the top menu and simply tick the box next to the respective filter.

Product Page - Getting Started

Product Page - Filters and Edition Tabs

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