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Product and Private Sites - Managing Your Products

January 16, 2020 • 1 min reading

Managing products lets you pick the brand (if there are multiple) and the products you want to include in your product or project site.

Let’s go over how to manage your products.

  1. Brand drop down - this drop down will show you all the brand that you can add to your product or private site.  Once you have found the one that you want select the “Add Brand” button next to your selection.
  2. Brand(s) - this lists out all the brands that you’ve included in your site
  3. Products - this shows you how many product are included out of the total number of available products from that brand.
  4. Select all products - pressing this will add all the products from that brand into your site.
  5. Manage Products - pressing this will show you a catalog of all the products from that brand.  You can then pick and choose which items you want to include as shown in the image below:

    Products highlighted in green represent that they are included in your product or private site.  Selecting a product will highlight it and selecting it again will remove the highlight. There are other options along the top of the screen to assist with filtering and product search to narrow down the amount of products to be selected.  When you are finished with selecting your product, press the “Save Changes” button.
  6. Remove - removes the brand from your product or private site.

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