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Product and Project Sites - Assigning Users

January 16, 2020 • 1 min reading

After selecting “Users” on the navigation menu you will be taken this screen - this menu option is only available if you have a project site.  See the “Product Sites Overview” article for more information about Project sites.

The first drop down will let you select a user group that is part of your brand.  This will allow all users within the group to view your project site.  If you don't have any user groups set but would like to create some follow this link

If there are users that are not part of a user group or if your brand doesn’t have a user group, you can add them manually in the second field by entering their email address.  Only email addresses that have been registered on our site can be added so if there is a user that you cannot add, please ask them to register on first.

Once a user group or email has been entered, you can either save your changes or remove them by pressing “x” next to the group or email you want to remove shown below each of the fields.

These newly added users will now be able to access your project site.

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