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Product and Project Sites - Getting Started

January 16, 2020 • 1 min reading

Let’s get started on setting up your Product or Project site.   After you’ve selected a Product or Project site to work on you’ll see a screen similar to below:

The main difference between a product site and a project site is the addition of the “Users” menu because project site is private and you will need to define the users who have access to it.

  1. Navigation Menu
    1. Basic Information and Settings - edit the name and layout of your site, more information below
    2. Users - define the user group or users that have access to the project site (only available for project sites).  Continue here
    3. Banner and Colours - set the banner and customize the colours used on your site.  Continue here
    4. Manage Products - define what products to include in your site.  I could be everything or a subset of that list. Continue her
    5. Embed Site - generate the HTML code that you can copy and paste into your site to embed your product or private site into your own website.  Continue here
  2. Name - Enter the name of the product site that you are creating
  3. Permalink - this is the identifying name which is part of the url.  You can use the name of the product site, just be sure not to use any special characters.  If at anytime you want to review what your product or private site is going to look like just select the hyperlink below the Permalink field.
  4. Webpage hosting URL - url of the site you are embedding to.  This field is optional and can be left blank.
  5. Layout display settings - you can adjust the view, sort order and page size
  6. Publishing - Check this box when you are ready to publish the site.
  7. Visible in BIMobject Apps - make your brand a feature brand on the BIMobject Apps (feature no longer available)
  8. Display Top Banner - set to display a banner within the embedded site
  9. Display Brand logo on product cards - you can choose to display your brand logo on the product cards

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