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Product and Project Sites - Overview

January 16, 2020 • 2 min reading

Product sites are a great way to integrate the content you have on BIMobject onto your own website while being able to customize the look and feel.

Begin by logging into the BIMobject Cloud

Then click on the profile picture in the top right hadn corner.  From there you can access the product sites by selecting “Product Site”.  If this menu doesn’t appear it means that a product sites role has not been assigned to you.  Please contact your BIMobject brand administrator to assign the correct role.

NOTE: The number of menu icons may differ depending on your user roles.

A drop down window will appear allowing you to select your brand.  Only brands that you are connected to and have the product sites option as part of their contract will be available.

Once you’ve selected the brand that you want to customize the product site for you should see a screen similar to below:

  1. Brand drop down list
  2. Dashboard - shows the product sites that are associated with the brand


The dashboard shows several columns of information and they are as follows:
- Name of the product site

Type - The type of product site determines what products you can include.

  • Single Vendor - allows for the inclusion of all published products which are part of the brand.
  • All Subsidiaries - allows for the inclusion of all published products which are part of the brand as well as any other brand that is listed as a subsidiary brand.  See the Brand Information Settings article for more information about subsidiary brands.
  • Multi Vendor - allows for the inclusion of all products for all brands listed on the BIMobject site.

Visibility - There are two status for visibility and they are:

  • Product sites - contain the products from a manufacturer (and/or their subsidiaries) meaning that all the content they display will be from their offerings.  Only products that are published on the BIMobject site will be available within the product sites. Product sites are made public to all BIMobject users once it has been made active (or published).  Users will be able to access the product site from BIMobject as well as anywhere the product site is integrated. If you are a manufacturer, this will be the visibility type that will be assigned.
  • Project sites - are meant to contain just the products that are associated with a specific project.  These products can come from any manufacturer that is hosted and published on The intent of a project site is to organize and share the products being used on a project with others on your project team.  Project sites are private meaning that only users who are part of a defined user group or added to the user list can view this site. If you are a firm that is part of the architectural, engineering, construction or building operations sector, this will be the visibility type that will be assigned.

NOTE: The type status is assigned by BIMobject, if you feel that the setting is incorrect please contact us at

Products - indicates how many products have been included on the product site vs how many are available to add.  For example if your brand has 100 total published products, you can add just 50 of those to your product site and you would see 50/100 in the “Products” column.

License Date - indicates the time period in which the product site will stay active.


  • Green check means that the product (or project) site is published
  • Blue means that it has been created but not published yet.

To edit any of your product / project sites simply click on the name and lets get started.

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