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Product Page - Filters and Edition Tabs

December 23, 2019 • 1 min reading

Filters Tab

This section simply allows you to select any building type or functional space that the product can be used in.  It is recommended to have a minimum of 3 selections within this page. These selections are available as filters within the main search page of BIMobject so try to fill this area out as best as you can so that your product appears in more search requests.

Edition Tab

The product page edition number can be described as the key element that lets the BIMobject Cloud inform the user that you have made changes to an object. More specifically, only users who have already downloaded and used your object in a design will be notified that you have made that change if they are also using the BIMobject Cad App. Since those users are so close to specifying your product for use in an actual project, they are arguably the most important ones. In other words, you stand a lot to gain from making sure that your edition numbers keep exact pace with any changes you make to the object.

How it works:  BIM files that are available on BIMobject all contain an edition number that matches the edition number of their respective product pages at the time of their publishing.  When a user performs an update to their models through our BIMobject Apps it compares the edition number of the BIM file to the current product page.  If the edition numbers match, it means that no updates are required.  If the edition numbers don't match, the app will show what the latest edition change was and prompt the user to update their BIM file.

Lastly, this section allows the manufacturer to keep a history of what has changed as new editions are saved.

The right side shows information about the current edition of the product page

  • Current edition number
  • Title of the current edition
  • Description of the current edition
  • Date that the edition was created

To create a new edition complete the 2 fields in this area:

Edition Title - Name of the product page update
Edition Description
- short description of what was updated on the product page

Once you select "create" the edition number will automatically increment by 1 and save.

If you select "Show History" an additional window will appear below showing all the previous changes. 

It's best that you create a new edition when updating or changing any of the following:

Design Country - Setting Tab
Manufacture Country - Setting Tab 
Region Set - Setting Tab 
URL Links - Info Tab
Primary / Secondary Material - Classifications Tab
Classifications - Classifications Tab
Property Set - Properties Tab
Updating any downloadable file - Files Tab

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