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Product Page - Getting Started

December 23, 2019 • 1 min reading

Important: In order for a user to be able to start creating products pages he/she must be a registered user on BIMobject and connected to a brand account.

Before you begin, be sure to read our “Product Page Style Guide” to understand the minimum requirements for a product page in order to publish on our site.

Let's Get Started

Start by signing into your BIMobject account.   Once you’ve logged in you can access any brand that you are associated with.  In the case of this example, you will see a brand labeled “BIMobject Training Brand”

Start by navigating to you the profile icon/picture and select “Company Admin”

This brings up a new screen prompting you to select a brand. You may have multiple brands associated with your user profile, select the one that you want to create a product page for.  You can enter the brand in the field or scroll through the drop down menu.

Once you select a brand you will be directed to the Dashboard page:

Video here

You will see your navigation bar on the left which will take you to various areas of the brand.  By default the navigation bar is minimized, to expand the navigation bar select the hamburger icon.

Selecting the "Products" heading will take you to the product page area where you’ll be able to edit and create new product pages.

To create a single product page, select the "New Product" button at the top right hand corner of the screen.  (To create product pages in bulk click here)

You will be prompted to provide a:

Name - Product page name
Content Type - this is explained in the next section
Permalink -  Unique ID for the product page, cannot be the same as another existing page

Note: To edit a product page simply find the page you want to edit and select it.  Both options will take you to the same area which will look like this:

Video here

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