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December 23, 2019 • 1 min reading

This section can be language specific and can be chosen through the language drop down.  It is recommended to complete as many fields as possible for British English, British English is the mandatory language while all other languages are optional.

The language that will be displayed to the end user will be the default language set up on their browser.  Only languages completed on the product pages will be able to display on the users browsers. If no other languages are completed the product pages will default to British English.

  1. Description Text - this is a description of the product. Normally you can get this information from the product page on the manufacturer website.  This field is also keyword searchable so it’s a good idea to have a description using as many keywords in it as possible so that it shows up on more search request.  You cannot use any web urls in this field.

  2. Specification Text - you can add technical text or product certifications in this area not covered in the description text. You cannot use any web urls in this field.

  3. Links - Links can be region specific (just make sure the correct language is selected before inputting the link). Each field can only contain 1 URL link and the more fields that are completed the better the user experience. 

    Note: Links can be updated and/or uploaded to a BIMobject BIM model after the user has downloaded it through our BIMobject Apps.

    1. Product URL - Link back to the product page on the manufacturers website.
    2. COBie PDT / PDS - link to the COBie data sheet
    3. Technical Description - link to technical data sheet for the product - usually a specification pdf.
    4. Installation Instructions - Link to the installation instructions if available.
    5. Product Certifications - Link to certifications
    6. Instructional Video - video link for the product

  4. Language Selector Drop Down

Video here

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