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Product Page Style Guide

January 9, 2020 • 1 min reading

What is a Product Page?

A Product Page is a landing area that contains all the information for a specific building product along with any documents, product links and most importantly, the BIM files themselves.  

Well Made vs. Good Enough

A well made, information rich and properly maintained product page will see more user traffic than one that only contains the minimum requirements - which is good enough to publish.  This is because a well made product page will take advantage of search engine optimization features like key word search, categories and filters.  We encourage you fill out as much as you can when creating your product pages so that you can see the true value of our site.

However, we understand that you may not have all the information at the time or maybe you're just really excited to show off your great new content as quickly as possible to all our users.  You can always come back and add more to the pages later to attract more user traffic, but, there is a minimum amount of information that will be needed in order to publish.  See the list below:

  1. Product Name
  2. Unique Reference - For a detailed explanation please go here (Item no. 10)
  3. Product Image (minimum of 1) - ideally a product image without a background or dimensions.  More detailed explanation here  
  4. Downloadable file (minimum of 1)
  5. Product Family and Group
  6. BIMobject category and sub-category
  7. Content Type

Where they'll appear on the product page:

Where you can find the fields in the product page editor:

 Click here to watch a video explaining all the parts of the product page.

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