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Setting Up Regions For Users

January 9, 2020 • 1 min reading

Regions affect what kind of data a member will see on our analytics site as well as when they will appear on product pages if they are set up for business matching.  Only data / users that fall within their region set will apply to them.

Similar to adding new members to your brand, you can add them one at a time or do it in bulk.  

For instructions on how to access the User Manager click here
For instructions on how to add users in bulk click here
For instructions on how to set regions in bulk click here

Setting Regions Up Manually

  1. Select the user that you want to edit
  2. Assign them the BIManalytics Core Local or Business Matching role (or both) if it hasn't already
  3. Select the “Edit Region” button along the top menu
  4. Then select the role that you want to edit the region for.  If there is only 1 role assigned to that user the non active one will not be selectable.
  5. A new window will appear and you’ll be able to pick available countries from the drop down menu

    You can also add regions according to ZIP Codes / Postal Codes as well.  Just pick the “Zip Codes” tab, pick a country and enter the zip or postal code.

  6. When you find the one you want select “Add” and it will add to your list.  Continue until you’ve added all your countries.  
  7. Select “Save” when done.
  8. Do this for all users that you wish to set up.

Note: For the United States you need to select the State rather than the whole country.

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