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Content Wizard

BIMobject content wizard helps you create BIM content fast and easy right in your web browser! 

Access it here Content Wizard

Creating BIM content has never been easier! Introducing BIMobject’s Content Wizard.

BIMobjects Content Wizard is a template-driven content creation platform that helps you quickly and easily create BIM content for the AECO industry. 

To get started, choose from one of the over 500 pre-defined templates. BIMobject Content-Wizard lets you add your templates too.

Once you have chosen the template that matches your product, the next step is to start adding your product variations. Add product-specific information like product sizes. Choose from a list of pre-defined materials in the template, or create your own. 

BIMobjects Content Wizard gives you full control over your product data, add informational parameters like links, text information or domain-specific parameters.

View your variations on the fly in the 3D preview window!

When you have completed your product variations, you can review them before creating your BIM objects.

Finally, you can either build a brand new product page to host your BIM objects on or add them to one of your already existing product pages.

Whether you are a new customer looking to create BIM objects in a fast and easy way or if you are an existing BIMobject customer looking to increase your presence on BIMobject's Content-Wizard is the BIM object tool for you!